FHIC Legislative Agenda for 2011


468.8323 (b)

(1)  The home inspector shall report:

(a)  On those systems and components inspected that, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are significantly deficient or are near the end of their service lives.

(b)  If self-evident, a reason why the system or component reported under paragraph (a) is significantly deficient or near the end of its service life.

This should say ?If NOT self-evident?



This section also contains a mistake:

468.8319 Prohibitions; penalties

1)       A home inspector, a company that employs a home inspector, or a company that is controlled by a company that also has a financial interest in a company employing a home inspector may not:

(h)  Offer or deliver any compensation, inducement, or reward to any broker or agent therefor for the referral of the owner of the inspected property to the inspector or the inspection company;

?referral of the owner? should be referral of the buyer or perhaps client. Agents don?t refer inspectors to owners, they refer them to the buyer.


3.       Work to eliminate exception that allows contractors to perform repairs on homes they have inspected.

4.       Work to eliminate exception that allows contractors performing Wind Mitigation Inspections to hire unlicensed personnel to perform the field inspection.

5.       Add exemption for home inspectors when operating under the scope of their licensed to  mold statute.

6.       Add language to mold bill that specifically allows home inspectors to perform mold screening inspections and tests.

7.       Work towards clarifying that 4 point inspections should be performed only by home inspectors. (May need to change definition of home inspection in statute.)